Mergers and Acquisitions

Say goodbye to the headaches of these most immersive and challenging processes

Handling mergers and acquisitions can be frustrating to most of us in the corporate environment.

The activities involved require the assessment, planning, and execution of IT transformation in a relatively short period of time that is greater than the change a company would otherwise encounter in several years. Developing the solution and performing the consolidation efforts is a unique skill set that requires the savviness of CIO and CTO level consulting paired with a capable delivery team.

A key element is to engage as soon as possible. By bringing in the PresideTech team to assess the environments and understand efforts involved, it will help with the formulation of any temporary services agreements that can significantly shape the success of the integration. The longer organizations coexist, the more cross-pollination of identity and permissions occur that increase the challenges for operational processes and the subsequent activities required. Managing identity, single sign-on, and preserving the end user experience are essential in easing the transition.

The PresideTech team has handled some of the largest and most complex engagements for large, multinational companies with thousands of sites and over a million users as well as situations where there is limited or zero direct connectivity between organizations. In all cases, it is all about the proper planning and execution to arrive to the environment where users are productive.

It is important to look across the technology stacks of all sides involved and outline critical line of business applications and data flows so that business is not disrupted. Many companies leverage ERP systems that may initially appear distinguishable at the core from most of the infrastructure but in reality have far reaching secondary and tertiary data flows, which need to be treated as a complete system. The investigative work to uncover the complexities and garner domain knowledge from the staff is a due diligence exercise that cannot be overlooked.