About Us

Company Overview

Enabling scalable, long term growth for your company requires forward-looking IT solutions tailored by people with the right experience. Our mission is to provide better vision and guidance to companies seeking to operate more securely and efficiently with enhanced productivity. We look beyond static solutions and build a roadmap with you to continually drive your growth and evolution.

Since 2001, PresideTech founder Michael Oda has been successfully carrying out large scale transformative projects for organizations around the world. From straightforward migrations, to highly complex multiple entity mergers and acquisitions, he as integrated numerous entities with a wide spectrum of technology portfolios and cultures. In each case, he was able to lead teams to build the right path.

Organizations often have multiple overlapping technologies to address similar needs, vastly under-implemented technologies, and a fair number of underlying technologies at or near the end of their support cycle.

PresideTech was founded to provide a framework to companies that provides a solid core technology portfolio and keeps up with the fast pace of modern technologies. Evaluation and adoption of solutions requires careful consideration on how they can benefit a company and how well the company culture can absorb and thrive with that change.

This is the founding principle of PresideTech’s managed solutions. Our staff has an incredibly strong background in solution building and with our experiences at the Silicon Valley Microsoft Technology Center has helped shape many products and features which you may already leverage today.

We strive to create a long term, trusting relationship with each client to provide an environment that simplifies and secures the way the organization leverages technology, creates a cohesive portfolio of services, derives the most value from investments, and keeps in stride with the fast-changing global technology landscape.