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We don’t believe in the set-and-forget approach

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Keeping up with today's rapidly changing technology can be a daunting task for most organizations. The PresideTech team continually researches, evaluates, and integrates changes that complement and improve your IT portfolio so you don’t have to. Our team of experts bring the right combination of business and technical acumen. When paired with our desire to understand your end-users and company culture we can successfully manage change within your organization.


Elevate Your IT Ecosystem With PresideTech

By uniting robust technological strategies and an innovative approach to handling IT systems, we pave the path for our client’s peak performance of their operations. We are an IT services company that has its roots in Fortune 100 experience and in providing the best possible talent for executing our client’s vision. Our vetted consultants leverage our extended team to provide the depth and breadth to provide comprehensive solutions and proactively avoid issues. As a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), we consistently provide our clients with just in time access to the correct licensing unlocking and maximizing the technology as organizations grow into the solution.

Our IT expertise extends beyond cybersecurity

Our tasks don’t come in a checklist

Tailored, seamlessly integrated solutions that
maximize returns on your IT investment

Managed Security Services

We make sure you get the right portfolio of security solutions and attain compliance with HIPAA,
PCI, and other industry regulations.

Our IT expertise extends beyond cybersecurity

Create A Defined, Scalable & Flexible IT Structure with Presidetech

We are an IT solutions provider who settles their priority and capacity on formulating a solution that fits the framework of our client’s business needs. With years of experience as an IT services company, we become a catalyst for transformation and propel businesses forward with secure and immersive collaboration.

Through our managed IT services, our client can receive a customized cloud solution, end the cycles of stop and go point projects, simplify the IT portfolio and most importantly continually adapt and improve.

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