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Backup, rollback and recover cloud and hybrid identities

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Safeguarding your identities has never been easier

Are you an IT Identity Operations Manager, Identity and Access Manager or responsible for employee or customer identity management? You have seen conditions with Azure Active Directory and Active Directory where you can lose information about directory objects or even whole objects themselves. The directory restore process can be time consuming and complex.

With Identity Protector, we make it easy for you to backup, ollback and recover hybrid identities. Safeguarding your cloud hybrid identities has never been easier.

Our product includes:

  • Incremental Backups of both Azure Active Directory and their Active Directory counterparts
  • Advanced Search capabilities for changes and objects at the attribute level
  • Recovery of both soft and hard deleted objects
  • Rebuilding of group memberships and attributes lost
  • Granular Restore options allow you to restore a change event rather than everything point in time
  • Empower operational teams to manage hybrid identity state

Perform granular searches with advanced filtering

Some prime use cases

  • Users are deleted on-premises and had hybrid identity with Azure Active Directory. With just a few clicks both Active Directory and Azure Active Directory objects are brought back, reattached to their cloud mailbox and have attributes including group memberships restored.
  • Some changes were recently made to directory objects causing a critical business application from working. Using Identity Protector’s advanced search functions you can see what changes have been made to objects in a specific time frame all the way to the very first baseline backup taken and undo those changes.

PresideTech is your trusted technology provider

Our advanced search engine gives you the unparalleled ability to target specific points in time or perform searches all the way through to the very first baseline backup. Once you select a point in time you can also compare that result to any other backup or even against the live environment. Add to that the ability to filter granularly by attributes values and you are adding all element to get you precise results fast.

Identity Protector was conceptualized and created by experts who have worked and improved Active Directory for two decades. This same team helped the Microsoft Active Directory product team to scale to multi-million user environments and also have run the architectural design sessions at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Technology Center for enterprise customers for years.